Marwan Marouf Mahmoud


Marwan Marouf Mahmoud




السيرة الذاتية

Marwan is a cross-sector professional in financial services, information technology, telecommunications and startups. The company he leads, MOSECO Qatar, provides consultation, design, and implementation of digitization and smart city infrastructure entrepreneurship solutions. Previously at ictQATAR, Marwan lead the national digital agenda development and established the SME and Entrepreneurship program, in addition to the national broadband policy. Marwan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in 2008. After finishing his university education in the University of Arizona in 1989, Marwan joined Qatar National Bank and was instrumental in establishing its unique technology backbones and implementing transactions digitization, such as e-government and e-commerce. As CIO at QNB, he lead the IT Strategy development to make QNB and its financial services among the most efficient and secure governed environments.