María Benjumea


María Benjumea

Founder & CEO

Spain Startup and South Summit


السيرة الذاتية

María Benjumea is Founder & CEO of Spain Startup and South Summit, one of the leading events in the entrepreneurial ecosystem which brings together the most promising startups from the south with top-tier international investors and the leading innovative corporations from around the world. From starting Taller del Arte, an innovative art multi-space, to founding Infoempleo, Spain’s leading job search engine, to being the main thrust behind Lidera, a trailblazing program of women´s leadership training, María has always been an enterprising woman concerned with placing talent from the south in the international arena and bringing forth innovative ideas. María (Madrid, 1954) holds a degree in Geography & History from the Universidad Complutense; she’s married and the mother of two children. She loves spending time with her three beautiful granddaughters.