Bas Boorsma


Bas Boorsma


Internet of Things & City Digitization, Cisco


السيرة الذاتية

Bas currently serves as Cisco’s Internet of Things & Digitization Leader in North Europe. He orchestrates Cisco´s regional efforts for the digitization customer operations, partner operations and Cisco itself. Bas has a rich background as a city digitization specialist and he managed a portfolio of smart city endeavors globally. Bas has coordinated and overseen the implementation of innovative projects and programs that address the ways we work, live, consume, play, learn and deliver within the context of cities. Major innovation projects Bas delivered or in progress include Smart Light, Smart Mobility Solutions, Street Digitization, City Digital Platform, Digital Ceiling, Smart Work Centers, Learning Hubs, Smart Ports, high-end broadband deployment, as well as architectures and service models that help drive the digitization of society at large.